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Handle With Care


Some of you may know that I had the opportunity to present during the International Pastors & Leadership conference, my session was on Marriage & Ministry: Making it all Work! This is such an important topic to me, because marriage is a … [Read more]

Don’t get mad at the season change…Adapt and Flow!

Recently, I was traveling and it seems like I experienced all the seasons in one day. I went from summer-like Arizona to snow-drenched winters Minnesota to my final destination a spring/fall feeling Pittsburgh. Life can be that way. You can go … [Read more]

Complete Joy!

There is absolutely no way for an unhappy saint to influence a happy heathen! One of your most effective witnessing tools is complete joy! A joy that the world didn't give and it's works can't take away! The joy of The Lord is also YOUR strength. … [Read more]

Love is Absolutely Possible!

Last year I wrote the Real Love book and traveled all over talking about love and relationships. Right here in "love month" I want to encourage you in this area. If you are single and waiting...don't give up. Real love is absolutely possible. The … [Read more]

The Ignition Switch

Your car is utterly useless to you until the key is plugged into the ignition switch. Once that happens, you can go so many places! You can get there much faster than walking and it protects you on your way, from elements like brutal cold winters or … [Read more]

Seed Power

God did not create us to be broke, unemployed and struggling! That is just simply not the will of God for his children. There is something that all of us have been put on the planet to do! You are not an accident. Your parents decided to have you, … [Read more]

Take It to the Dealer

I love places where you can just pop in and get a quick oil change. When I go to the dealership, I normally have to make an appointment and they seem to always find something that needs attention, but I learned something new! When you take your car … [Read more]

It’s Not Dead

When Jesus entered the synagogue leader's house and saw the noisy crowd and people playing pipes, he said, "Go away. The girl is not dead but asleep." But they laughed at him. After the crowd was sent outside, he went in, took the girl by the hand, … [Read more]

Does Your Life Fit?

One of the things about having triplet boys that never really ceases to amaze me is how much they eat. Depending on what time you're reading this they are probably raiding the kitchen right now! Another thing about having the boys that I notice is … [Read more]

Brand New Refrigerator

Now I know you are sitting there wondering why I would be talking about a refrigerator during consecration. Well, for one, because I am hungry! But, I digress...let me get to the point so I can get back to my water and juice... Have you ever went … [Read more]