About Pastor Andy

About Pastor Andy

Real LovePastor Andy began preaching at the age of fifteen, and spent his early years as a youth pastor and evangelist, literally traveling the country, preaching to youth and young adults. During his twenty-five years in the ministry, he has been a Youth Pastor, Pastor of Evangelism and Follow-up, Executive Pastor, and Senior Associate Pastor. In addition to his pastoral experience, Pastor Andy played a major role in the operation and organization of two mega ministries. These experiences, coupled with his experiences from founding and growing his own mega ministry, have caused many to seek his expertise and advice on church growth, and has given him a unique message for the body of Christ today.

Andy Thompson is a spiritual educator, a leader, a motivator of men, a man of faith. He uses modern day parables, humor and truth to challenge spiritual thought and growth in people from every cultural or economic background. His church, World Overcomers Christian Church, currently located in the Research Triangle Park area of Durham, North Carolina, a few miles west of RDU Airport, is one of the fastest growing churches in America.

His television ministry, The Truth with Andy Thompson airs locally in Raleigh, NC on WRAZ. In addition, each service streams weekly at www.wocconline.org/livebroadcast.

Formally trained at Rhema Bible Training Center in Tulsa, Oklahoma, Pastor Andy also has a Bachelor of Arts in English with a concentration in education from the University of Massachusetts. He and his wife LaShawn have been married since 1991 and they have 4 children (1 daughter and triplet boys).

These experiences inspired him to recently write the book REAL LOVE: How to Avoid Romantic Chaos and Find the Path to Lasting Love. This book is a guide, a manual on how to find someone, how to be found, and what to do once you find that person. His passion for families and relationships is interwoven into his relative yet comical teaching style.

Balanced Victory: The God Designed Life

At World Overcomers Christian Church, we see our God-designed life bringing balanced victory to the body of Christ in the world at large. We endeavor to create a warm and welcoming atmosphere with a worship experience that is lively, fun and inviting for people at any and every stage of their Christianity.

Our vision is simple. We believe that to effect change, our ministry must focus on more than just the spiritual. We need to teach people not just how to believe, but how to see life, how to live purposefully and how to please Him through daily actions. We know that the Word of God has the power to save the soul and to judge the thoughts and attitudes of an individual, and we are determined to be sure that a “believer” is also what we call a “right thinker,” someone who has been given access into realms of faith that lead to victory. You deserve to live a victorious life.

Our goal is that we all may live the life ordained by God with balanced victory, pleasing Him every day, and start a unified people on a journey leading every soul to the destiny required and prescribed by God. When you have a mission that big, there’s only one way to deliver it – with excitement, with passion and with your entire heart.

Come be a part of our family and personally experience everything that World Overcomers Christian Church has to offer – the music, the energy, and, of course, the Word of our God.